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Sugar Braids New approach.

Sugar Braid has been working on a new approach to accommodate this new way of living. 

Our goals are:

  • Focus on hair care 
  • Provide you with neat braids that enhance your femininity
  • Reduce the time spent 
  • Keep the environment safe and clean.


At Sugar Braid, we believe that a beautiful look starts with hair care. For this reason, we do not style on dirty hair. Follow our  DIY hair regiment or book an appointment with us.

Sugar Braid recommends clients to wash their hair one day before their hair appointment or the same day. You do not need to blow dry your hair. Sugar Braid does not recommend blow-dries as heat makes your scalp dry. Dry scalp is more sensitive and more open to infection. Sugar Braid styles on moisturized hair. You do not need to bring your moisturizer. Sugar Braid will moisturize your hair.

Please let us know if you have any oil allergies.



Sugar Braid does all kinds of braids. 

Few Sugar Braids Hairstyles

Our goal at Sugar Braid is to give you a look that will enhance your femininity.

Our braids are neat, lightweight, and lustrous. Hairstyles look elegant when they are full.  However, synthetic hair extensions used for braids can be very heavy. At Sugar Braid, we use our professional braiding technique to achieve fullness without using too much hair extension. As a result, you have a hairstyle that looks glam, minimal, and, tailored.

In addition to the afro chic look you get with Sugar Braid, our braids are meant to protect and help your hair grow. Sugar Braid uses the correct braiding technique to promote the health and growth of your hair.


Reduce spending time:

 It takes a lot of time to braid. Sugar Braid's mission is to reduce the amount of time spent on chairs. Therefore, we work in teams to reduce client stay. Most of the time,  you will have two people working on your hair.


Crochet braids are time-saving!!!


 Goddess Senegalese Crochet also called the Aurore Twist


Sugar Braid customizes crochet braids in advance for all kinds of braids.

Our crochet braids are hand made, giving it a natural and beautiful look when plaited on your hair.

You will not believe it is crochet when installed on your hair.  Ask for our hybrid crochet hairstyles


Sugar Braid Sanitary Measures

We must keep the environment and the beauty tools clean and safe for infection control. Therefore Sugar Braid braiding approach is client-centered. We only work by appointment.  We do not accept walk-ins but can take same-day appointments. Please call for availability. This approach also allows us to practice social distancing, and it gives us time to clean the tools and environment before the next appointment.

  With the ongoing pandemic of Covid19, masks must be worn during the entire service.

Sugar Braid Covid-19 Guide

Hairs must be thoroughly washed. Please do not book an appointment with Sugar Braid if you have an open scalp or wound on your hair, rather, consult your dermatologist.



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