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Micro braids is one of this braid styles I believe will never vanish


Pro about this braid style are

  • It is  low maintenance
  • It is  lightweight 
  • It is easy to style  and very versatile 

 However,  the main  reason why people might restrain themselves from doing this style are  

  • It takes forever to plait  and take out the braids. 
  • It can break your hair more particularly,  your edge.

Nevertheless  Sugar Braid has a good approach when it comes to micro braids or braids in general.


At Sugar Braid, we want your experience to be fast, pleasant, most importantly we are all about hair care. For this reason:


We  work in teams and we are enthusiastic, and professional  braiders. We always make sure to have more than one person on your hair for faster and better  results.


At Sugar Braid,  we  understand that braids can break your hair. At the same time braid is a great protectives style for hair growth  when hair is care before braiding

 This is the reason why  we only style on clean and moisturized hairs. In additio. We have a healthy braiding technique. We make sure to secure the roots of your braids without pulling your hairs.


Any form or gel is definitely  not used when doing this style, as gel can promote build up. Instead we use our sweet creamy moisturizer to hydrate  your  hair before installation. 

For clients  with long hair, moisturizer is applied along the hair for moist, and also to allow the hair to blend well with extensions. This makes your braids look neat and prevents the hair to stick out of the braids.


How to care for your micro braids to prevent breakage?


 Breakage  results from dry hair, for this reason, hair should still be moisturized before and after  braiding.  We usually recommend our client apply  a good  oil  on their hair. It brings shine to your braids, also helps with dryness and itchiness of the scalp.

We like to recommend applying  your oil usually  right after  their shower, this is when the pores are opened. Therefore oil can really penetrate and moisturizes the scalp. Sugar Braid makes its own moisturizer  oil. We call it Sugar Braid Master Mix oil. This oil is very powerful  and has shown positive results in growth  and health of our client's hair.


Finally, to protect your hair and your edge. Never ever take out your braid on dry hair. Texture hair break out easy,  so make sure to wet with a hydrating solution before working on it. You can use something as simple as mix of water and oil, water and conditioner. Sugar Braid also assist with braids removal, so do not hesitate to contact us for that service.

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