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 It is not just a protective style, make it fit your personality and lifestyle. 

For curly and kinky hair, braiding is the best way to protect your hair from breakage. Not only it promotes growth and makes your hair look soft, long, and full. It is also very convenient.  It is your black privilege. With your braids on, you do not have to worry about our hair. You can just get up and go. Just add a little bit of your personality in your braid to fit your lifestyle. Therefore, I would like to share a few ways to style your single braids. To make it look glam, classy, and fancy

Style1:  Wear it loose, just let them fall and be free. 

If you never had braids before, and worry if they will look good on you? Just let them fall! This is a safe way to wear your braid without concern about the way it looks on you. This style suits everybody. All you have to do is to direct or style the braids in the direction you usually style your own hair. 

You can either style  them


With the middle part

Side part with medium size Senegalese twist butt lengh 

Straight back with small-medium box braid

One side.with jumbo Senegalese twist.


Style2: half ponytail- half loose. 

Letting your braids out is beautiful. However, sometimes the braids come to your face and this could be annoying and distracting. So if you still want to wear your braid out but worry about the hair coming to your face half pony is a great style to go:  You can wear your ponytail on the top, the middle, or the back. I like to recommend top ponytails for styles that are not full or style with less braid. Wearing your ponytail top ponytail creates the illusion of fullness in addition it makes the braids less heavy.

Half ponytail half loose in crochet faux loc


For styles like micro braids or Ajolique Braid, you can style your ponytail either in the back or the middle. As the braids are fine, full, and look like your real hair. Treat those single braid like your real hair


Style 3: Do a whole ponytail

This is the perfect style to show your facial beauty. Wear it in a whole ponytail.  Again,  I like to recommend top ponytails for jumbo Box braid because it weighs less and is less bulky.  Wearing your ponytail in the back can be uncomfortable if, for example, you are sitting and the back of your hair gets in contact with the chair.  For this reason, I like to recommend an upper bun for someone working in the office.

When creating the ponytail, you can always take a couple of braids to tight your ponytail: to reduce the amount of hair and make the braids less heavy.

 you can  do the ponytail with a loose end or braid all the braid to make one braid



Braid the loose braid into one braid to create a ponytail with one braid.  Make sure to secure the end of the braid with a rubber end to prevent the braid to unravel.

 Ponytail with one braid; Source

Style5: bun 

There are different ways to create a bun: the first step is to make a ponytail.  

 For a solid bun with a round and feast shape,  begin your bun with a ponytail, then wrap the braids around by taking few braids at a time. 

Storm Reid with Braids in Bun

For a ring like a bun, tie a ponytail using a rubber band to secure the root, create a center by scattering the braid round. Starting from one end, twist and fold the braid around by making a circle. Keep turning until no extension is available.

@stormReid Braids

A bun is very comfortable. It makes the braids less heavy,  This is also a perfect style for bed time. All you have to do is to wear your scarf or bonnet

 For more fun and creativity, opt for two buns or half bun and half  loose

Half bun half loose, Monica braids

Style6:   Your Braid, Your crown: 

Yes, you can make your braid your crown and they are different ways to style your hair in a crown: You can cornrow your braids into the whole crown,  half-crown. The end of the braids can be braided or left loose.

  In case you do not know how to cornrows:  For the whole crown, braid your single braids into braids, fold the end of each braid to the opposite side of the braid.  This will create the crown and give you a  beautiful, classy, and professional look. Use a pin to secure the style.


StormReid  wearing braid in the crown


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