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Healthy Protectives Styles for Fine Type 4 Hair

Style 1:  Knotless Goddess braids instead of regular box braids.

Goddess Knotless Braids styles Source

Box braid is one of the trending styles that never go out of fashion. It is the perfect and safer braid style to try if one never had braid before and want to experiment with braid. This braid style looks nice on everyone and can be styled anyway to fit one face. Knotless box braids are born from box braids. In a regular box braid, a chunk of braiding hair is directly attached to the root, then plaits. However for knotless box braid, the client’s hair is braided first, and then hair extension is fed in. This reduces tension on the scalp and gives a more natural look.

 Adding curly hair extension to create the Goddess as seen in the above picture makes the style look fuller and attractive. Therefore perfect style for fine hair.

 Style 2: Ajolique Braids

This hairstyle is basically micro braids with silky synthetic hair. After securing the root, hairs are braided loose for more volume and softness. 

MODEL: @koko

This is a perfect style for people with fine hair because it is not heavy, it is malleable and creates the illusion of fullness. As seen in the picture this style is very versatile. it can be styled straight, curled... The bottom line is to treat this style as your real hair.

Style 3: Short Length box Braids

When braids are shorter, it pulls less and creates the illusion of more volume. I like to recommend short length Braid styles such as Bob box braids and pixie braids. Bob and pixies braids are basically braids with the bob or pixie cut. 

The Bob and pixie  Braids come in Jumbo, Medium, Small size braids, It can be side or middle-parted, symmetry or Asymmetry

Bob and Pixie Braids could be also styled as half-half: Pixie, or Bob Braids in the back with feeding cornrows in the front, or the side.

Style 4: Multiple layers Cornrows or half cornrows and half single braids

Layers cornrows are good candidates for fine hair because the cornrows are short and put less pressure on the hair. Aim for at least two-layers.

When braiding, make sure that the amount of hair extension is proportional to the actual hair. Too much hair could pull the hair in the front and break the edge. Do not use too much hair extension but rather lose the braids for volume and fullness.

Style 5: Crochet Braids 

 In this style, the hair is cornrowed, and then the hair extension of your choice is crocheted in the cornrow. Because the hair extension is not directly tied to your scalp, tension, and the pulling are reduced, as a result, you can achieve as much volume and length as you want. Moreover, crochet braids hairstyles still give you good access to your scalp, which makes scalp massages and scalp treatment easier. Therefore great for promoting hair growth. 




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