Witnee Braid

Witnee  Braid is a hybrid twist braid . It starts as a three strands braid and finishes with two strands braid or twist. To say the least this style is basically a combination of box braids and Senegalese  twist   To achieve the Witnee style, hair is parted, a piece of hair extension is  used to tightly secure the base using either the regular box braid or the knotless box braid technique.  For the regular box braid,  a  chunk of hair extension is attached and tightly  secure to hair, creating the knot. For knotless methods, the client's natural hair is braided first and  hair extensions are feed in  to create knotless braids.   After securing the base with extension, about a third of the hair is three strand braided  as in box braids the rest is two strand braided as in Senegalese twists For this client, she requested the knotless method to secure the  base of her braids. However we opted for a hybrid knotless braids because of the particularity her hair. She had a mild dense fine curly hair. She came with her hair blow dry, so it appears finer, softer  and reduced in volume. We advised  her to do the hybrid knotless braid. This means instead of starting with her own hair, we start with a small portion of extensions,  then hair extension is feed in as the normal knotless braid. The result is still similar to the regular knotless braids, easy,malleable braid. But in her case braid is more secure and can last longer. As normal knotless braids, she can still move her braid around from day one the braids.  $200 is the price for this style, mid back lenght, using the regular box braid technique. For the knotless or hybrid knotless method, the price is $250.00 Hair is not included in the service but can be provided at the client request. As usual, Sugar Braid is not just about braids, we care for your  haircare. Scalp and hair was moisturized  before braiding.


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