Passion Twists side shaves

Passion Twist Mid Back. On side shave hair Hair is included in the service Price might vary in function of length and size. Passion twists are single twists with a bohemian look.  Passion twist can be installed in crochet or single plaited. As seen in the picture, hair was parted and single plaited with hair extension, then twisted to give the passion twist look. Passion twist hair are curly hairs when twisted and left down they appear short, but are longer than you think. For example the mid back passion twist braid is approximately waist length  twist when stretched.  One of the main concerns with passion twist is that the traditional  extension used can be slippery especially with curly soft hair such as 3a, 3b, 3c, 2 types. However Sugar Braid  was able to figure out, and customize the hair that looks nice and adheres to all type of hair. Whether  you have kinky, curly, or straight hair,  Sugar Braid is specialized in all types of hair. Your twist braids will not only look nice, but can be kept  for a while with proper hair care. We usually recommend clients keep the braids for 6 to 8 weeks. As usual hair with Sugar Braid, we only style on clean moisturize scalp and hair. Please look at our DIY hair treatment in ou blog for more infos about Hair preparation


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