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Design 6 Feedin Cornrows

Price : $80
Duration : 90 min

6 Feedin Cornrows  Simple, classical cornrow design in front and going back.  The end of the cornrow was curls creating this water wave look. The back of the hair can be styled different ways.   It can be held in the back to create a back ponytail. as seen in the picture.  It can be wrapped in the bun, when creating the bun,  the water wave end can surely be left out to create a beautiful classical  look at the back.  The braids back can also be left out either hanging in the back or bring on your side if you want to feel some hairs This is a simple and beautiful protective  for easy everyday life  It is professional,  but also a great protective style for vacation.  I Imagine walking down the beach and feeling the fresh hair passing through your scalp  without you worrying about it messing  your hair, or taking off that wig (lol). It happens a lot . Little tips: for a vacation hairstyle: If you plan to be in the water and wet your hair, Either  go for a simple  beautiful protective style like this one. They are less expensive  Or for single braids or more expensive styles, get them about one month  before your vacation  time. That way you have the time to enjoy your hair and the worth  of your money.  Putting  braids in the water  will reduce the lasting time of your hair.  Therefore either go for a less expensive  style or do the expensive one at least  a couple of weeks before  your vacation day. Hair extension used to achieve this style was customized by a sugar braid. Hair is included in the service. The client's own hair color is natural black with 4c hair texture. Remember  Sugar Braid is not only about braids, we care for your hair. closing

  • Pay in store $40
  • Booking fees $40
  • Total $80
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